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These are very small, limited engagement events.
These events are hands-on and attendance will be very restricted.
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What you will discover at this event:

  • How to Sell Medicare Supplements By Phone

    Best practices when working with prospects over the phone to build trust, credibility, and go smoothly through the presentation of options to the final application. 

  • Best Practices - What We Have Learned

    This business is constantly changing. Hear how we have implemented Medicare Advantage and Part D enrollments, entirely by telephone, and what items to consider if you are interested in adding these products to your mix, too.

  • How to Generate Your Own Leads

    Don’t want to be relying on others to generate for you, often at 3X the cost? Learn how you can generate your own exclusive leads for around $5 each. We will cover how to set up and manage this process, and go over what’s working now.

  • Manage Leads

    Now that you have leads, we will cover how to move them through the process and cross-sell valuable products that they need, and that will increase your profits immediately.

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 This is the part where we need to tell you the common sense that attorneys like to see. This event is not a “Get Rich Quick” program and you will not be hyped into joining any program. You will not be recruited to join a downline or an insurance company, etc. You will not be told that you will become wealthy overnight. This event is to share best practices in the industry and your participation in that discussion is welcome at the event. You will be encouraged to ask questions and give your own experience with the topics discussed.
No promises are being made that you will walk away from the event as a millionaire. Specific, actionable information will be given that can drastically improve any business. What you choose to do with that information, however, is solely up to you and your actions after being provided the information and help. All of the presenters are speaking at this event to help you. Each of us feels personal satisfaction when others succeed in our industry and that is the reason the speakers have chosen to come and share in this unique environment.

Please do not come to the event to recruit anyone into yours or anyone else’s downline for insurance or anything else. Please do not come to the event to sell any product or pitch the speakers or attendees on any business opportunity. Please do not come to distribute material of any kind to other attendees.
Networking is welcome; selling to the other attendees is not. Also, recording the event in audio or video by the attendees is not allowed. This is also in the terms of service on the checkout page, but we just wanted to mention it here, too. If an attendee is found to be recording video or audio of the event, they will be asked to leave. The material presented by the speakers is their own and no permission has been given for its unauthorized distribution.

Thank you, and we know that if you step out in faith to attend this event, those that you will be surrounded with will change your life forever.