Medicare Mastermind LIVE Event


Take your business to the next level.


May 12, 2018 (Saturday) 9am to 5pm



This is a very small, limited engagement event.
This event is hands-0n, and attendance will be very restricted.
First come, first served, no exceptions this time, sorry.


What you will discover at this event:

  • How Automation Can Help Your Business

    You will how you can increase your lead follow-up effectiveness. This will bring down your cost-per-acquisition of each new client and make sure that no prospect falls through the cracks. We will have LIVE demonstrations and best practices on lead-to-CRM integration and walk through effective follow-up practices.

  • Setting up online presence

    Are you easily found online? If not, we can help you get there. Make sure you are discovered when your clients search for what you do and who you are.
    They ARE searching you.

  • Growing Your Agency

    Recruiting, Hiring, and Training the best agents to help you in your agency – tips from top producers.

Event Presenters

Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall

Client Acquisition Expert

Chris got a late start in insurance, as he thought his life’s mission was changing the world through law enforcement.

In 2008 he started focusing on Medicare Supplements and has built a $1.5 million+ annual residual income with his personal renewals.

When he started selling Medicare Supplements over the phone, only one company had an electronic application. All the rest were PDF‘s and Chris created a way to turn those PDF’s into electronic applications. He was asked to share this idea with many different agencies and thus began his dual role of helping other agents to succeed by selling online.

In 2014, after a move to Charleston, SC from Florida, Chris has four assistants and writes a consistent 80 to 100 policies each month during the off-season.

Chris now runs an online community of more than 3,000 Medicare agents at

Yevgeniy "Eugene" Marchenko

Yevgeniy "Eugene" Marchenko

Cold Calling Expert

Eugene was born in the Ukraine and came to the United States at a very young age. He found early success in sales in the banking world and was challenged by someone at his church to come check out the insurance arena.

He then became the manager at the captive organization and was called upon, frequently, at their annual conventions to be a keynote speaker in the area of prospecting and presentation delivery.

In 2015, after much prodding and encouragement from a neighbor in the next office over, (Chris Westfall), he went independent and shifted his focus from in-person sales to excusively selling over the phone. He then began outsourcing the cold calling and grew his client acquisition effectiveness ten-fold.

Eugene runs an agency in Columbia, SC and has three children and two office assistants.

This is VERY LIMITED SPACE EVENT.  It is not open to anybody and everybody.

This is a hands-on WORKSHOP to share best practices and to encourage, educate, and learn from each other.

If there is any skepticism, narcissism, pessimism or attitude within you that causes you to sit in the back of the room with your arms crossed, expecting someone to dance on a table in front of you for your entertainment, DO NOT COME TO THIS EVENT.

I want to be absolutely clear on WHO this event is for. It is for those wishing to grow their business by providing value to others, not by merely finding shortcuts and stomping on the agent next to you to put him or her down and build yourself up. There are plenty of prospects in America – enough for all of us and then some. We, the presenters here, choose to engage in a mutually-beneficial opportunity to profit from our collective experiences. That is the sole purpose for this gathering. Sure, it could have been done online, but five company-paid trips in the last three months have proven to me that in-person, mastermind style idea exchanges with people smarter than I am are a great way to get ideas that can be implemented immediately in my practice.

StephanieIndependent Agent

JoyceIndependent Agent

BridgeIndependent Agent


Investment to Attend: $495



The location for the event is St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (no passport needed).



Question?  Send us an e-mail to:


 This is the part where we need to tell you the common sense that attorneys like to see. This event is not a “Get Rich Quick” program and you will not be hyped into joining any program. You will not be recruited to join a downline or an insurance company, etc. You will not be told that you will become wealthy overnight. This event is to share best practices in the industry and your participation in that discussion is welcome at the event. You will be encouraged to ask questions and give your own experience with the topics discussed.
No promises are being made that you will walk away from the event as a millionaire. Specific, actionable information will be given that can drastically improve any business. What you choose to do with that information, however, is solely up to you and your actions after being provided the information and help. All of the presenters are speaking at this event to help you. Each of us feels personal satisfaction when others succeed in our industry and that is the reason the speakers have chosen to come and share in this unique environment.

Please do not come to the event to recruit anyone into yours or anyone else’s downline for insurance or anything else. Please do not come to the event to sell any product or pitch the speakers or attendees on any business opportunity. Please do not come to distribute material of any kind to other attendees.
Networking is welcome; selling to the other attendees is not. Also, recording the event in audio or video by the attendees is not allowed. This is also in the terms of service on the checkout page, but we just wanted to mention it here, too. If an attendee is found to be recording video or audio of the event, they will be asked to leave. The material presented by the speakers is their own and no permission has been given for its unauthorized distribution.

Thank you, and we know that if you step out in faith to attend this event, those that you will be surrounded with will change your life forever.